Qex Server
Qex Server v0.9.2.0002
[Free Download]
Hosting application for GMs
Qex Client
Qex Client v0.9.2.0002
[Free Download]
Client application for players
Elves and Fairies Extension coming soon!

Update Information

Minimum Requirements
Windows 98SE/ME/2K/XP/Vista/7
32 Megs RAM

Windows Vista or greater
128 Megs RAM
Graphics Accelerator

EULA in plain-speak

  • Client and server are FREE. Forever.
  • You may copy / redistribute server and client applications.
  • You may include server and client applications as part of another application including for-profit ventures.
  • Older versions...
    Dungeon Map Store
    Dungeons and Maps
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    Pre-made dungeons for GMs. Provided in both bare format and also pre-populated with monsters. Load, add players and go.