Combat 101

Step 1: Blank Field
Click New Blank Field.
You should get the grasslands to come up with just generic soil.
Step 2: Add Flags
Place a green flag (player flag) and a red flag (monster flag)
Flags form the basis of all monster decisions. They tell the monsters what parts of the map to storm and what parts are safe to retreat to. Might as well get used to them from the start.
Step 3: Add Players
Click Select Players
In this case, we have 4 players, 3 of whom have custom images.
Grid using CTRL+G
Step 4: Add Monsters
Click Monster List.
In this case, we're going to add Formian Warriors
Adding 5 monsters.
We can edit treasure manually. Be certain not to change any values in "$" like [$T500] unless you are very familiar with the system.
End result.
Ready to go!