Combat 201

"As the party rounds the base of the hill, you behold a rise and see ancient ruins, more rubble than any form of structure. A huge spider rests, comfortably nested in the opening. To the East, Tendaro has arrived leading his team. He has spied the ruins as well. And the glint of gold in the spider's nest."

In this encounter, our party of adventurers climb a hill and defeat a spider, only to get attacked from the rear by an NPC party.

Step 1: Map
Click New Map Wizard
In Map Wizard, we set grass to 50% and region type to canyon. We chose water systems occasional because rivers tend to clash a bit with canyons.
There's 3 effective staging areas. A for the spider, B for the party and C for Tendaro and his group of ruffians.
Step 2: The Spider
Edit Terrain and click "Place Terrain Object"
Click in the map in the spider's position
Whoops, clicked in a field of grass and can't see the new Pyramid. Press CTRL-E so you can see it. Press INS and move it along the Y-axis until it's visible. Press CTRL-E and INS again when done.
Double-click the Pyramid. In the edit screen you'll see lots of blank areas. One area is of interest... the Image. Change that to Ruins01
I converted some of the left-over Pyramids into Tree01 and Tree02. Now safe to leave Edit Terrain Mode
A flag for the Spider.
Ouch, 48HD Spider. Notice that the Spider's Flag is selected at this moment.
Changed the Image to Spider
Step 3: Add Players
Player Flag in their staging area by the lake.
Select Players.
Note that there's a player partially covered in vegetation. CTRL-E can help here.
Step 4: Add Next Monster Party
Place a flag for Tendaro's party, well back of the action in staging area C.
You might want to create a separate party for Tendaro. But since this encounter is relatively simple, you can skip this step.
If you made a party from Tendaro, take a moment now and modify his flag.
Add some custom monsters. Notice again, Tendaro's flag is selected.
Depending on your version the system will try to put 10 levels of warrior onto each goon. This means they'll get a random weapon from the list of common weapons, which comes equipped and with feats to support it. At the time of writing, warrior was the only class implemented, but the others will soon arrive.
We have a pair of goons with a longsword, one goon with a hammer, one with a crossbow and one with a flail. Pick one and name it Tendaro.
Tendaro's Flag has been moved all the way to the player group. He's so far back right now he's not even in sight. You can now forget about Tendaro. He and his goons will use their move actions to approach the players. Start running combat and when you see the first goon appear on the edge of the map, move Tendaro's flag to where the party is currently in its Spider battle.

Tendaro and his group have been assigned images (HMaleRed and HMaleBlue). By Round 5 Tendaro himself has retained a head start he was given and the entire group is about to reach the lake.